Children's Clothing

Younger kids will be able to follow the latest trends in children's fashion and accessories at the Américas Plaza Shopping Centre. Here, mums and dads will find the most varied selection of fashion for boys and girls in Tenerife, as well as the latest collections in children's clothing for the new season.
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In the children's clothing stores their wardrobe can be renewed thanks to the wide range of children's clothing and accessories that will delight due to its quality and variety. Thanks to this wide range of children's brands, one will be able to find that comfortable, carefree and casual look which is desired for one's children or perhaps, that famous brand that one is looking for a very special gift.

Purchasing the best children's clothing is possible

At the Américas Plaza Shopping Centre all types of children's clothing can be purchased: Dresses for a specific occasion, t-shirts with better designs, knitwear, swimwear, sunglasses and children's footwear from the best brands. One can follow the latest trends closely with the most interesting brands on the market. Regardless of passing through the islands or if one is a regular visitor to the Américas Plaza Shopping Centre, one will indeed find here the clothing which is so desired for his/her children.

Discover the latest trends in children's fashion for gifts

If one's child has grown taller and comfortable and versatile clothing is required, on offer here is a good selection of clothing and accessories for the children or as a gift for that special upcoming date, visit us and enjoy the best clothing stores for children, accessories or children's footwear with the most recognized brands in the market and that we have specially selected.

The Américas Plaza Shopping Centre is a venue to enjoy a day of shopping with the family in modern and elegant facilities. Everything that is required is at one's fingertips.

Come and discover our fashion and accessories stores for children.