Pharmacy Store

The pharmacy store at the Américas Plaza Shopping Centre is a modern establishment where all types of medicines with or without a prescription, for that discomfort or problem which may have arisen at the last minute can be purchased. One will similarly find a wide selection of intimate hygiene products, for babies or sunscreens.
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Having a varied selection of products, offering the absent-minded that last-minute item which has been forgotten when packing his/her suitcase, a toothbrush or an anti-inflammatory medicine in case of having headaches that threaten to ruin one's holiday.

Its modern and well positioned location in the shopping centre is at one's disposal in order to purchase whatever is required, close by and conveniently.

At the Pharmacy Store one can purchase

Come to the Pharmacy Store where medicines, nutritional supplements and several products which may be required during one's holidays can be purchased.

The solution to that little problem which may have arisen will be found in the Pharmacy Store thanks to its highly qualified staff who will provide advice in finding the appropriate answer.

Visit us soon and discover the reputable pharmacy store at the Américas Plaza Shopping Centre in Tenerife.

Mon- Sun: 9am to 10pm

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